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PAGE (Perceiving AI Generated Emotions)

Updated: Apr 26


PAGE (Perceiving AI Generated Emotions)

Emotional expressions provide important information in social interactions. Are you good at understanding the emotions in others? Find out by playing a short version of the PAGE (Perceiving AI Generated Emotions) task. The task asks you to identify emotional expressions on a diverse set of faces, created using generative AI.


What does PAGE measure?

The task measures your ability to recognize a wide range of basic and complex emotions. This skill is associated with working well in teams, particularly in a diverse work environment.


Why does it matter for the future of work?

Teamwork and leadership skills are increasingly valued in the modern labor market. The ability to read emotions from diverse faces is an important element of social skill. In a recent lab experiment, we show that scores on the PAGE task predict leadership skill in managing diverse teams, beyond a variety of other characteristics including personality, education, and gender. This builds on research showing that emotion perception skills help to identify individuals who consistently cause their team to produce more than the sum of its parts.


Play the game!

To get a rough estimate of your emotion perception ability, play the Short Version of PAGE (~5 minutes)


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