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Game Purpose: Assess your 'economic IQ'

Game Length: 5 minutes

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About the Assignment Game

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Work as a manager to delegate tasks among your team

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Test your ability to make decisions in a complex, numerical environment. High scores are predictive of labor-market outcomes

High Scorers

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David Shacklette (June 16th) 

About the Skill Lab

The Harvard Skills Lab creates new, performance-based, scalable measurement methods for foundational skills. We contribute to the basic science of human potential by defining and measuring concepts like teamwork, leadership and decision-making skills, with a focus on the changing demands of the labor market. 

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The project on workforce

Take an 'economic IQ' test

Managing scarce resources is a core economic task. Do you make good allocation decisions? Find out by playing a short version of the Assignment Game. The Game asks you to make decisions in a complex, numerical environment and tests your skill in managing resources

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The skills lab is constantly developing new assessments related to the labor market relevant skills. Check them out!

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